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◆How to play pachinko◆

Decide which rate you want to play.
At Tamaya Honten, there are two rates: 1 yen and 4 yen.
When you put in 1,000 yen
4 yen pachinko→250 balls
1 yen pachinko→1,000 balls

There are various types of pachinko machines.
Please choose a machine based on your favorite drama, animation, or other content.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff.
*Please check if the seat is empty.
Before sitting down, please be sure to check if the seat is empty.
①Check if there are no clothes or objects in the seat.
②Check if there are no balls or money in the lower or upper tray.
①or ② applies, someone has left the seat and you will not be able to play there.

There is a vertical slot in the upper left corner of the machine to insert bills.
(Bills from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen can be used.)
When bills are inserted, balls will come out automatically. 4.

Turn the handle slightly to the right, and the balls will fly out.
Aim for the ball to fly to the upper left of the center.
The handle may be located in the lower right or in the center (depending on the table).
(This varies from machine to machine.)
When the ball enters the belly button located in the lower center of the machine, the numbers begin to rotate.

When the machine wins, three numbers (111, 222, 777, etc.) are lined up.
When the three numbers are lined up, the words "hit right" or "aim at V" will appear,
If the handle is aimed at the upper left, turn it to the right to send the ball flying to the right.

If balls accumulate in the upper or lower tray during a game,
If the lower tray is closed, pull the lever near the lower tray,
The machine will automatically count the number of balls.

No balls come out when the "ball lending" button is pressed during a game,or if the balls get stuck in the LCD screen,
Press the "call" button on the top of the machine to call a staff member.
Never tap the machine.

When you quit the game, if there are still balls or money left in the machine, press the "RETURN" button.
Press the "RETURN" button and a card will come out.
If you want to move to another table, take the card that came out and put it in the card slot on the left side of the table and put it in the card slot on the left side of the machine.
If you are not sure if you have any balls or money left, press the "call" button and ask for a staff member.
Please be careful not to forget anything (cards, personal belongings, drinks, etc.).

When there is money left on your card
If there is any money left on your card, please insert your card into the "payout machine" and you will get your money back.

Take your card to the counter to exchange it for a prize.