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◆How to play slot◆

One coin is 20 yen.
If you put in 1,000 yen
20 yen slot machine→50 coins
There are various types of slot machines.
Choose a slot machine based on your favorite drama, animation, or other content.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff.
*Please check if the seat is vacant.
Before sitting down, please be sure to check if the seat is empty.
① Check if there are no clothes or objects in the seat.
②Check if there are no medals or money in the lower tray.
①or② applies, someone has left the seat and you cannot play there.

There is a vertical slot in the upper left corner of the machine to insert coins.
(Bills from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen can be used.)
When bills are inserted, 50 coins will automatically come out.

① Insert coins into the slot. (3 medals are required per game.)
②Press the MAX BET button.
③ Insert 3 coins and lower the round handle to rotate the picture.
④Press the three buttons in front of you in the order of left, middle, and right to stop the picture.

When the winning button is pressed, the buttons are also pressed in the order of left, middle, and right.
Depending on the machine, the order in which the buttons are pressed may be displayed.
If the order is displayed, press the buttons in that order.

When you want to quit the game or move to another table,
Press the credit button and the medals will appear in the lower tray.
The coins that come out of the lower tray are placed in the box on top of the table,
When you want to quit the game, press the call button to call a staff member.
The staff will take you to the counting machine.
If you want to move to another slot machine, please take the box with you.
When quitting the game, be sure to check if there is any money left on the table.
If there is any money left, press the "return" button and your card will be released.
*Please be careful not to forget anything (card, personal belongings, drinks, etc.).

If there is any money left on your card, insert the card into the "reimbursement machine" and the money will be returned.

After counting the coins, bring the receipt to the counter to exchange it for a prize.